Almost 200 animals from around 21 species live in the Höllohe Wildlife Park. In our spacious enclosures we have red and fallow deer, wild boars, goats, donkeys, ponies, pheasants, storks, snow owls and numerous other animal species. The deer, goats and sheep like to be fed. You can purchase suitable food from the vending machines in the entrance area. There you can buy a cup of animal feed for 1 Euro. Please note that donkeys, ponies and wild boars are not allowed to be fed.


Our park started to set up an educational goat project in 2019. We are actively supported by the Academy for Zoo and Wildlife Protection.

The goat has lost more and more importance as a farm animal in recent years. Only a few breeders and enthusiasts keep the stocks alive. Many breeds are endangered. With the goat project we want to draw the visitors' attention to these wonderful and charming animals again. The diversity of the different races is presented. Some of these are rare or endangered breeds of domestic animals. In this way, the Höllohe makes a small contribution to the representation of the biodiversity and to the preservation of these extraordinary animals.